Golden Ticket Gift Card

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Of every kind of gratitude that matters in business, one of the most vital is a company’s appreciation for its employees. Even more than money, an environment of gratitude, camaraderie and genuine appreciation inspires employees to engage fully and to produce incredible work.

Everyone loves surprises, even your employees. So surprise them by giving them a creative and meaningful gift. The Golden Ticket as the name suggest is their ticket to a unique experience which empowers your employee to be creative whilst simultaneously creating a ripple of social goodness.

With every purchase of a Golden Ticket, we re-invest the profits in training, supporting and employing people with long-term health conditions. Our Eco-Set is also 100% sustainable and renewable bark from the Cork Oak Tree.

Unlike traditional corporate gifting experiences, here are few unique points about the Golden Ticket experience.

1- We believe in creativity- each Golden Ticket allows the recipients to customise a gift box (Eco-Set) with over 1000 pre-set designs and fonts.

2- We are flexible on time- Golden Ticket can be redeemed up to 12 months after purchase which gives plenty of time to come up with the perfect design.

3- Making a difference- We share the social impact created with your purchase in our end of year Annual Report.