Slate heart - workshop 2.2

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A sturdy wooden chopping board that has many different uses.


What materials do I need for this workshop?

You will need something ideal for decorating stone, stone and ceramic paints are recommended.


What do I get?

A heart shaped piece of slate with your design engraved on it


How long does it take to design this wall sign?

Approximately 30min - 1hr


What happens after i've designed it?

After checking over your artwork, your laser cut design will be posted to you in 2-3 days.


How do I know if I've done it right?

Please follow the instructions on the video tutorial and you can also ask any questions in our Facebook Group: Learn Create Sell Community


I've not received my finished design?

You can contact us via email: - please wait 7 working days prior to contacting us.


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