Meet Our Members

Meet Our Members


Sam is one of our newer members who recently joined the Learn Create Sell Programme and course. She's a multidisciplinary crafter who does crochet, lino printing, collage, jewellery. 

She joined our recent Eventbrite workshops; jewellery making and loved it, so she has decided to continue attending weekly sessions. Sam loves making statement pieces such as jewellery so this was the perfect match for her- we loved what she made too! 


She hopes to achieve more skills learning about CorelDraw and the design element of crafting and product making as this is something she has not been familiar with before. It will help her to understand more complex design elements and be able to create more of her unique designs in an easier and more efficient way. Also, learning about the laser cutter and how to link the software to the laser cutter and sending to print. Also, the research and marketing element of the programme- as she needs to make sure she is marketing her products correctly so that they sell. 

She makes really interesting and unique crafts by upcycling items that would normally be discarded and adds other elements to make it stand out- old carrier bags, dolls heads/legs, books these are usually collaged and laser etched.

In the long-run continuing on from the course, she would like to make her crafts come to life and be able to produce and sell her products to make money out of a hobby she loves doing.