How it all started

        Make Laser Gifts was formed in 2014 as a subset of a wider social enterprise, Learn, Create, Sell (LCS), with the intention of empowering unemployed individuals to be able to design and trade their own products. The LCS programme lasted several weeks, over the course of which participants were taught how to use a laser cutter to actualise their design ideas. They were then educated on how to market their products by hosting a local pop-up shop for a fortnight, and the introduction of Make Laser Gifts meant that makers could sell their products online after the pop-up shop had finished. Since its initial run, the LCS programme has successfully helped dozens of creatives overcome the barriers that come with entrepreneurship.

What we're up to now

        Whilst in between LCS programmes, we run the Make Laser Gifts site to offer a customisation platform for all to use to create personalised gifts. We pride ourselves on offering a friendly and efficient service; our experienced laser cutter professionals use hand curated materials to ensure the designs look perfect every time! The money generated from sales on our site goes back into funding future LCS initiatives, as well as the laser cutting workshops we run in Yorkshire for disadvantaged groups.
        We also aspire to help out within our community, catering our services to unique requests that crop up, such as creating wedding photo boxes or donating wooden festive ornaments to help raise money for our local children’s hospital. Our team is always keen to help out when they can!

Plans for the future

        Our plan for the upcoming year is to launch a brand new LCS programme at our makerspace in Sheffield - you can follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts @learncreatesell where we’ll be posting updates in due course!