Decorative baubles

A rugged slate sign to immortalise a positive feeling, ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

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How Do I: Make Decorative Baubles

Inspiration Board

Ruby's Bauble

Ruby wanted to celebrate her daughters fist Christmas, she arranged the wording in to position and added snowflakes and a star to help strengthen the design when cut out. Ruby decorated with pink spray paint and a few layers of lacquer to add shine.

Carol's Tree Decoration

Carol opted for a delicate religious themed decoration. She adapted and combined several engraved images to make them work as a single cut design. The cut design was then painted gold and a crystal rhinestone for the centre of the star.

Grace's Bauble

Grace opted for a fine outer ring for her decoration, she chose the text she required and arranged it with stars, hearts and snowflakes to strengthen and decorate the bauble. Grace chose to spray them white with a thick layer of silver glitter giving a two tone look.