Chopping board

A sturdy wooden chopping board that has many different uses.

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Inspiration Board

Geoff's Memorial Sign

Geoff used the chopping board workshop in a different way making his board into a lovely memorial sign for his pet ferret that sadly died. Geoff kept the board natural colour and simply varnished it. He also drilled two holes and attached some rustic twine to allow it to be hung up.

Suzi's Copping board

Suzi made this chopping board for her own kitchen, she used a tree design in the centre with lovely arched text. in the bottom right she has engraved a little reminder to keep telling her self, "love yourself". The board was coated in food safe oil to extend its use. please remember the 

Martin's Chopping board

Martin's chopping board was designed as a present for an anniversary for his friends. The tree in the centre is a reference to the business they run together. Beautiful detailed flourishes make this stand out. As with all boards the reverse is plain allowing it to be used as intended.