Clock Workshop

Looking at the same clock getting old? Time you designed a new one. With many styles to suit all kinds of room vibes and personal spaces you can't go wrong with your own custom clock.

Launch Designer

Stephen's Clock 

Stephen is a very big fan of camper vans particularly his beloved VW camper, He imported this wonderful image for engraving and chose a very tradition clock look. He chose to spray the clock hands silver and stained with antique pine wood stain.

Tasha's Clock

Tasha's son is FNAF mad and she used this character to engrave in the centre of the clock. Again Tash felt the hands looked super cool painted silver. She finished the design off with a selection of rhinestones and varnish.

Max's Clock 

Max used a cut image which he engraved rather than cut, he then stained and varnished the backing. Max used a printed image attached to the centre of the clock to add that extra special touch..