Keepsake Box

Organise your space and keep your treasured memories in one place with a laser cut box.

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How Do I: Make A Keepsake Box

Inspiration Board

Fiona's Keepsake box

Fiona made this very decorative beautiful box by using a decorative circle boarder to surround the bird and floral pattern, she went onto stain this box and then varnished it making the whole box pop. She did say building the box was time consuming and took patience however the results were fantastic

Dan's Rustic Keepsake box

Dan didn't want to have a simple box so came up with this design, he arranged all the parts to fit together giving different angles which made perfect sense when he surrounded the entire sides of the box with rustic twine. hessian was used on the lid to give a very rustic look to the box.

Clare's Box

Clare decided she wanted to have a useful little box where she could keep her nail varnish bottles in, she opted for a simple design  but also made a sliding lid rather than one that can be removed.