Keyring Holder

Create a complimentary set of keyrings to organise all your keys and hang them on the wall with their very own holder

Launch Designer

Fiona's keyring holder

Fiona, made an absolutely fantastic job of her Key ring holder, making some uniquely shaped key rings and outstanding decoration techniques, brilliant use of colour!!!

Eric's Keyring Holder

Eric decided to do keyring holder for his daughter with a disney theme, the extra time and effort (and I do mean a lot of time!!) really payed off, he is keeping the natural look to this and just varnishing with mat clear varnish.

Eleanor's Key Ring Holder

Eleanor made this key ring holder to add more organisation within the house and allow her to know if her kids are home without having to send them all a text (lets face it all teenagers are either on their games consoles or phones and never answer us parents when we shout).

Donna's Keyring Holder

Donna made this very practical key ring holder for use in her home, The holder was very well designed and decorated with a two tone paint job to finish the product  

Julie's Key Ring Holder

Julie made this key ring holder to stop them loosing their keys within the house. Julie followed the video tutorial and incorporated her own design touches. She decorated the design using paints and acrylic metalic pens.

Sarah's Key Ring Holder

Sarah design is a simple but very effective design she has used paints and pens to finish the design before hanging it in her kitchen.