Layered Keyring workshop

A keyring made up of two different layers allowing for
more decorating options

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How Do I: Make A Layered Keyring

Inspiration Board

Martin's Keyring

Martin made this key ring using 2 layers of wood, he cut out his sons name so they were able to identify whos keys were whos. the back layer was painted black and the front layer a powder green before both layers were glued together.

Leanne's Keyring

Leanne wanted a simple round key ring but wanted to incorporate her name, this was achieved by joining each letter together before cutting the design. simple design but very effective.

Kathleen's Keyring

Kathleen used the upload graphics feature on this design to add her chosen pattern, this was then cut out to give this amazing detailed key ring. Kathleen painted the back layer black and the front rose gold with added glitter