Memorial Plaque

Commemorate the near and dear loved one, friend, family member or pet with this memorial plaque workshop

Launch Designer

Andy's memorial sign

Andy used the copper acrylic with the black bade to make a fantastic memorial plaque for his Nan, she was a lover of the garden so flowers had to be included in the design, a mix of fonts and the double boarder really finished this item off.

Ell's Plaque

This is a lovely memory plaque for fathers day made using the mirror silver acrylic with the black base. lovely work and fine details on the swirls and text.

Natalie's wooden plaque

Natalie made this beautiful memorial plaque after her beloved dog passed away. Natalie opted to make it from wood and included an engraved image of Molly's bread. Again holes were cut in the corners so this could be mounted onto a larger item. 

Mandy's Plaque

Mandy made a plaque to go on a present they bought for a close friend on their 70th birthday. The silver mirror look was superb.

Andrea's memorial plaque

Andrea made this fantastic plaque for a bench they had purchased to celebrate the life of her auntie Pam. Pam loved flowers and queen so these images were tactfully added into the design. Andrea also cut out small holes with the laser to allow it to be screwed to the bench.