Shadow Art

Create a bold impact with light and shadow in this unique decorative piece that let's you design
your own scene and see it backed in light with contrasting shadow.

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How Do I: Make Shadow Art

Inspiration Board

Steph's Halloween Light Up Box

Steph loves halloween and wanted to make something completely different, she found the plans online to make the pumpkin box then she carefully designed the layers at the back so not to obstruct the back design. Steph used acrylic markers, glitter and red rhinestones for the bats eyes. Stunning work!

Chelsea's Christmas Star

Chelsea opted to use our star shaped design but made a very well designed detailed cut mid layer, allowing the light to come through, showing incredible details. She completed the design by painting the laser cut layers in silver and the star surround she added course gold glitter.

Katie's Light Up Star

Katie worked hard to develop an intricate laser cut mid layer whilst still ensuring she did not loose the flower detail in the centre. Katie painted the laser cut design in rainbow colours and embellished the star frame with several layers of rhinestones covering the front. multi coloured LED lights were used.

Emily's Star

Detail of design to follow.