Vintage Wall Sign

Bring your walls to life! These laser cut wall sign make for a great idea if you want to add some unique touches to your home.
Can be used as a personalised name sign, inspirational quotes or just a funny and retro wall art.

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How Do I: Make A Vintage Wall Sign

Inspiration Board

Fiona's Board

Fiona made this sign for her daughter, she felt that her bedroom door could do with a bit of colour. Fiona used a mix of craft paints to get the final effect. She used some spare craft paper as the backing before using PVA glue to stick the letters to the board.

Julie's Board

Julie designed this board for her craft shed, she made use of acrylic paints for the letters and the background and borders were match pots from Wilcos. Once the paint dried, Julie applied Yacht Varnish to add a layer of gloss and protection from the weather.

Donna's Board

Donna wanted to create a board for her son's room to match his bedroom colours. She used Simole superglue and a mixture of chalk paint in white and duck egg.

Natalie's Board

Taking inspiration from vintage railway signs, Natalie created this sign for her son who loves trains. She started her design process by using a hot glue gun to stick the letters in place and then painted the sign using a combination of gold and blue acrylic paint for the letters and backing. 

Eric's Board

A lovely friendship board designed by Eric for his Ukrainian Friends.

Andy's Board

Andy designed this board for his friend's home bar also know as the man cave :)