Playing Card Eco-Friendly Notebook

Playing Card Eco-Friendly Notebook

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This personalised cork notebook is lined to make it ideal for jotting down notes or memoranda, but can also be used for a variety of purposes aside from writing, such as drawing or scrapbooking. It is long lasting and portable, so can be easily taken between school, home, or work, and can be brought along to activities like travelling, shopping, or studying.

The benefit of using a notebook to record ideas, rather than a computer, is the quick access at all times, as well as the removed risk of losing information due to techinical disfunctions. Writing your ideas down feels like you have more input in the creative process too.

- Nassra


* We take sustainability into consideration when choosing our products and materials, which is why our lined notebooks are predominantly cork-based. Cork, rather than leather, is a cruelty-free and renewable material, so you can buy both eco-friendly and exceptional quality gifts. *

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Product details

Material type: Cork/Paper
Personalised Lined Cork Notebook

✓ Over 2000 Graphics
✓ Over 100 Fonts
✓ Unlimited Customisation
✓ Live Preview before ordering

Laser engraved in our community maker space in Sheffield.