Loh e Quarani Slate Wall Sign

Loh e Quarani Slate Wall Sign

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This beautiful Loh e Quarani engraved slate sign is the ultimate source of protection from sins and the evil eye. Whoever looks at the Loh e Quarani, all their difficulties shall be removed and sustenance shall be enhanced, InshAllah. A must for all, this slate sign makes an ideal gift for friends and family for all occasions. Display indoors or outdoors, home or away, as a daily blessing reminder.

Being natural, durable, and high-quality, slate products are eco-friendly, which means your hanging sign gift is both thoughtful for the receiver and for the environment!

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Product details

Material type: Slate
30cm x 10cm

✓ Over 2000 Graphics
✓ Over 100 Fonts
✓ Unlimited Customisation
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Laser engraved in our community maker space in Sheffield.