Mirror Mirror Eco-Friendly Notebook

Mirror Mirror Eco-Friendly Notebook

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This product is great for everyone to use - from students to tutors, even fashion designers and cooks - it is handy for anyone in need of a reliable place to plan and record their ideas. The notebook's neat design and compact size makes it ideal for on-the-go use, making it easier for creative thinkers to quickly jot down their ideas to come back to later. Furthermore, due to the simple design and colour the notebook is versatile for any environment, whether it be a café or business meeting.

- Zakiya


* We take sustainability into consideration when choosing our products and materials, which is why our lined notebooks are predominantly cork-based. Cork, rather than leather, is a cruelty-free and renewable material, so you can buy both eco-friendly and exceptional quality gifts. *

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Product details

Material type: Cork/Paper
Personalised Lined Cork Notebook

✓ Over 2000 Graphics
✓ Over 100 Fonts
✓ Unlimited Customisation
✓ Live Preview before ordering

Laser engraved in our community maker space in Sheffield.