Personalised Concrete Desk Organiser

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Give any workspace a suave and sophisticated makeover with our new concrete desk organiser. Its modest and geometric design is the perfect addition to a contemporary home office or workplace cubicle set up – we recommend pairing it with a few potted succulents to personalise your space in a chic and ergonomic way! Use our customisation software to personalise your desk organiser to suit any personal taste, or to add a heartfelt and memorable message to a special someone in your life.

Durability is a vital aspect of sustainable products, and as these desk organisers are made from resilient concrete, they are a gift that is made to last for years to come. Choosing gifts that are long-lasting, and therefore more sustainable, can help in part with being more eco-conscious, which is a key aim of ours at Make Laser Gifts!

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Product details

Material type: Concrete
Personalised Concrete Desk Organiser

✓ Over 2000 Graphics
✓ Over 100 Fonts
✓ Unlimited Customisation
✓ Live Preview before ordering

Create personalised gifts and custom messages by engraving additional graphics and text using our software. Celebrate all occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or any other special moment where you'd like to create a memorable gift.

Laser engraved in our community maker space in Sheffield.